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"As on trend as it may be, Elsmere stands out with fall-apart tender ribs and savory, tangy house-made sauces."
- Maine Magazine

"Elsmere is not just a BBQ joint, it's a neighborhood restaurant that's keen on giving back to the community and sticking around for generations. Owners Adam Powers and Jeremy Rush work the line every night, are eager to be part of the South Portland family of restaurants and take a lot of pride in their product. The bar scene is cozy and pleasingly boisterous. Patrons come to watch the game, drink beer, but most of all, chow down on excellent BBQ."
- Susan Axelrod, Portland Press Herald

"Elsmere offers all the trappings of good meat sans the anxious self-righteousness with which too many chefs serve it and talk about it. Everything about Elsmere feels laid-back, from its out-of-the-way Cottage Road location, to its haphazard parking lot, to its kitschy mix of decors."
- Portland Phoenix

"Whether you stop by to dine-in after work, have a drink at our full bar or order take out on your way home after a day at the beach, Elsmere BBQ and Wood Grill is the neighborhood restaurant you can count on daily to deliver fast, friendly and delicious BBQ."



207 Field Trip - Elsmere BBQ & Wood Grill has a new location in Portland on Stevens Ave. We stopped by to grill up some Mahi Mahi tacos.
— NewsCenterMaine

The Elsmere Tornado featured as one of the NINE!!

The Elsmere Tornado is piled with just everything that makes a sandwich perfect! Including chopped brisket, pulled pork and sausage, as well as a hearty topping of coleslaw and Texas red barbecue sauce on a pretzel roll. Visit them at 448 Cottage Rd., South Portland / 207-619-1948/



Bulgogi, never heard of it?
Here's how to Make it, and you'll love it.

Korean street food, you eat it with a stick. Marinated beef, dripping with flavor. Elsmere BBQ shows you how to make it.

Elsmere BBQ let us in to watch how they make their Korean themed Bulgogi. It's a ubiquitous dish on the Korean peninsula, seen as often as hot dogs here in the states. It's meat on a stick, which makes it easy to eat, and also, fairly easy to cook. Traditionally done over a hibachi, any open fire cook surface will do the trick.

Author: Nate Eldridge
Published: 4:54 PM EDT
September 17, 2018


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