Here at Elsmere, we take great pride in the way we prepare our food, the way it’s plated, and even the way it’s served to our guests; but something much more important comes first. Whether it’s our mahi mahi tacos, or ribs, or a salad; we know exactly where each ingredient comes from. In fact, we have researched, traveled, tasted, and tested; never settling for anything we didn’t love. We did this for you, our guests, because you deserve the best, and also to support the businesses who value quality as much as we do! Here are just a few of them:

Bready, Set, Go!
When we first tried the tortillas made by Tortilleria Pachanga, we knew we could wrap up our search for the best. These tortillas are fresh, delicious, and are made from corn that is organic, locally grown and ground. We use them for our mahi mahi tacos and all of our BBQ tacos, and these menu favorites simply wouldn’t be the same without these perfect tortillas.

We get local ingredients whenever possible, and Mainely Grains Bakers makes it so easy for us to get our bread products from where they’re baked just a few miles away! Made by master baker Carlos the Bread King, our buns hold our huge burgers and keep our guests coming back for more.

Surf and Turf
What goes into our smokers matters a whole lot, so we source only the best meats, including locally raised beef for our burgers from Farmer’s Gate Market, chicken from Bell and Evans, pork from F Menard in Quebec, and sausage from Fresh Approach which is made exclusively for us.

When it comes to bringing Maine’s bounty of seafood from the chilly Atlantic to the plates of our guests, nothing beats a fishmonger who catches everything we need. We trust
Upstream Trucking for our salmon, oysters, catfish, and mahi mahi.

It’s Easy Being Green
Greens are a crucial part of almost every meal we serve, so they have to be good. We get ours from Little Leaf Farms, where baby greens are grown without pesticides and with a focus on sustainability.

When we need other fruits and veggies we check out the local farmer’s market for Maine’s bountiful harvest. This gives us the opportunity to see what’s in season, what’s new, and interact with the growers.

Collaboration Brew
We recently combined forces with Banded Horn Brewing Co. to create "Smokey and the Banded India Pale Ale (IPA),  a crushable, summertime IPA designed to pair perfectly with our smoky Texas-style BBQ. This brew is only available at Elsmere and in the tasting room at Banded Horn Brewing in Biddeford.

Nothing can compare to high quality ingredients, and that’s why we take the time to find the best. If you’re ready to find out how they come together in our most popular menu options, then grab your family and come in for a meal. Just bring your appetite and leave the ingredients to us.

Photo Credit: Douglas Merriam Food Photography