Here in Maine, we love the holiday season, and it’s easy to understand why! Holidays offer a welcome distraction from the fact that our cars are buried in snow, heating our homes costs a small fortune, and it gets dark at 3pm. Holiday festivities offer a chance to be inside, eat lots of food, and spend time with those we love. Yes, the holidays are great, but they can be challenging too; especially when it comes to gift-giving. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one who “has everything”, or you’re admittedly a terrible gift giver, this foolproof holiday gift guide will help you find the perfect present for your favorite Mainer.

Support Your Neighbors
When it comes to holiday shopping in Maine, the most important rule to remember is buy local! When you support the creative artisans and entrepreneurial shop owners in your area, you’re helping your local economy, which is a gift that keeps on giving! Choice finds like these will make you look like the most thoughtful and inspired gift-giver from Cumberland to Calais.

For Him

For Her

For the Little Ones

Eat, Drink, And Be Merry
While it’s fun to empty stockings and rip wrapping paper from colorful packages, holiday gifting  can be made even more memorable by giving experiences - not just objects. Eating and drinking are two of Maine’s most historic pastimes, so the gift of a drinking excursion or a memorable meal will please everyone on your list. For a group gift that will help everyone ignore the cold, try a Maine Brew Bus tour. This ingenious beer adventure offers inside access to Maine’s best breweries, while saving you the stress of winter driving. Keep the holiday spirit going with the gift of a hot and delicious meal at Elsmere. Elsmere’s big menu will ensure that everyone can find something to satisfy their winter appetite, so purchase a few Elsmere gift cards to stuff in stockings.

Now You’re a Gift-Giving Guru
Whether you buy every single thing on our helpful guide, or you’ve decided to simply take everyone to dinner and skip wrapping altogether, you have mastered the skill of holiday gift giving! If you’re still struggling, just remember, most people have their best ideas when they’re eating. Why not come to Elsmere, order yourself a meal, and finish off your list with a full stomach. Happy Holidays from Elsmere!