It’s that time again! The kids are going back to school, and we are all caught in the whirlwind of anxiety that comes with the end of summer. The beginning of a new school year is bittersweet, as it marks the end of everyone’s favorite season, while ushering in the excitement of going back to school, starting a new grade, and welcoming the beginning of fall in Maine.  

Just because the kids are out of the house during the school week doesn’t mean that life at home becomes simpler. In fact, for many parents the eerie quiet can trigger new feelings of stress. Elsmere is here to offer a few simple solutions that will make the whole family smile, while helping you save time and lower your stress level at meal time. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Give Yourself a Break with a Takeout Night
Whether you’re on your way home from a long day of work, or celebrating after their team won the first game of the season, grabbing takeout from Elsmere is an easy way to reward everyone with a delicious meal. We have all been faced with the regular challenge of creating meals with leftovers and scraps from the fridge, and making an extra trip the grocery store only adds to your stress level. Give yourself a break with a delicious meal that you can pick up and enjoy in the comfort of your home.

Feed the Whole Family with Bundles and Bulk Meals
For big, busy families who come home hungry, we recommend our bundles and bulk meals, which combine the guarantee of deliciousness with the relief of having enough food, and sometimes leftovers! Whether your family loves a meaty BBQ meal, or prefers flavorful vegetarian options, our bundles and bulk meals have something for everyone. With two convenient locations in Deering Center and South Portland, Maine, your delicious takeout meals from Elsmere are just a short drive away. To make sure we have plenty of time to prepare the perfect bulk meal for your family, please call ahead and give us at least 24 hours notice.

Get Delivery and Stay in for a Family Night
It’s hard to enjoy a relaxing family night when you’re focused on cooking, cleanup, and taking care of the dishes. Why not treat your family (and yourself) to a fun and carefree movie night or game night at home with a special dinner that doesn’t require cooking or cleanup? Elsmere has partnered with 2Dinein, a local delivery service which picks up and transports your family’s dinner from either one of our two locations. They’re speedy, super friendly, and they keep your order hot from our kitchen to your table! Most importantly, you can complete your order and pay online with the easy-to-use website! We can’t say enough good things about this local delivery service, but they value quality and customer satisfaction as much as we do, and that’s what matters most.

Back to school season can be intense, and that’s reason enough to treat your family to a meal they’ll love, while saving yourself the stress of making it. Whether you decide to pick up a bundle or bulk meal to feed your big hungry family, or you stay home and get your Elsmere order delivered by a locally owned and operated delivery service, one thing is for sure; you’re going to love your meal!