It’s hard to believe how quickly November is flying by. With busy schedules and unseasonably cold weather, most of us are feeling stressed and wishing for an extra week to plan our Thanksgiving gatherings. Before you give up and resolve to binge on Netflix while eating a whole pumpkin pie alone, consider that there’s still time to plan a memorable Thanksgiving celebration with your loved ones, and it doesn’t even have to take place on Thanksgiving Day! This year, why not try one of these fun alternative Thanksgiving options that will help save you the time and stress of planning around everyone’s busy schedule and preparing a homemade feast.

This growing trend isn’t just for millennials. Whether you’re 25 or 65, gathering with friends to enjoy a holiday is a modern take on a classic family dinner. For many of us, it seems ridiculous to leave our closest acquaintances out of a holiday meant for expressing thanks. One of the greatest things about Friendsgiving is that it doesn’t fall on the exact holiday, so if you already have Thanksgiving dinner plans or need to work around your friends’ schedules, that’s no problem! To save as much time and stress as possible, head to Elsmere, where the menu is huge and everyone can find something they’ll love. If your Friendsgiving plan is to host or attend a potluck, Elsmere takeout is a fast and easy alternative to grocery shopping, cooking, and washing hundreds of dishes.

Whether you’re tired of being the host with the most, or just sick of dealing with the Thanksgiving day drama, going out to dinner with family for a late November “Thanksgivingish” gathering might be the perfect option for you and yours. Sure, it doesn’t seem traditional, but it’s 2017 and you’re allowed to make your own traditions! Beyond the dreaded preparation of cooking countless “classic” dishes, spending hundreds of dollars on groceries, and those awkward questions from your weird aunt, old fashioned Thanksgiving can be more stress than fun. Going out to a restaurant the weekend before or after the holiday might be just the right fit. Most importantly, everyone can order their favorite thing, and Grandma won’t get offended when nobody takes a scoop of her “famous” casserole. Choosing to enjoy a Thanksgiving-ish dinner at Elsmere (because why would you go anywhere else?) means you can split the bill so you won’t have to pay to feed the whole family!

If you end up having a traditional Thanksgiving celebration with your family, then there’s no better way to unwind from the holiday stress than getting together on the weekend for a casual gathering with friends and cold drinks. Drinksgiving will give you a chance to share your gripes and stories about your Thanksgiving Day, and toast to trying something different next year. Instead of a bar, choose a restaurant with appetizers; because everyone you invite will be sick of eating leftovers. Most importantly, you’ll want to choose a place with lots on tap and a huge drink list, including cocktails that combine seasonal flavors like Elsmere’s Chai Lowball. This festive signature drink features Maker's Mark, Grand Marnier, Chai tea, and Peychaud's Bitters. With flavors like maple, orange and autumnal spice, it’s truly something to be thankful for.

There’s no reason to stick to tradition, or limit your celebration to Thanksgiving day. This year, why not end November on a high note by trying these tasty new holiday traditions with your friends and family? Whether you add Friendsgiving, Drinksgiving, or a Thanksgiving-ish dinner gathering to your holiday schedule, you’ll have more opportunities to make memories with your loved ones.

Elsmere isn’t open on Thanksgiving day, but we can’t wait to help you celebrate the holiday before or after Thursday the 23rd. Happy Thanksgiving from Elsmere!