We know you. You’re the one who orders enough to take home leftovers. You’re the one who gets a sampler so you can try all the BBQ meats. You’re the one who already knows which sides you’ll choose when you order your entree. Above all, you know what you want, and you always want more, so we gave you more. In fact, we gave you a whole extra location. You read that right! Earlier this month, we opened the doors to our second Elsmere BBQ location in Portland’s charming and fun Deering neighborhood. Needless to say, we’re celebrating!

We Love Deering!
The Deering neighborhood and Elsmere are a match made in heaven. The area boasts a tight-knit community, countless family-owned businesses, and an atmosphere that offers the perfect balance of comfort and activity. We searched multiple areas for the perfect place to open our new location, and when we found Deering and the building that was formerly Siano’s, a well-loved pizza restaurant, we knew we had found our second home. Even before Siano’s warmed the neighborhood’s hearts and bellies, the location was home to Portland’s historic Lyric Theater, a fun fact which adds another charming chapter to the story of this spot.

Hello Neighbors!
There’s no such thing as a neighborhood without neighbors, and we’ve been so lucky with great local business neighbors in both of our locations. Settling into a new area can be tough, but in our brand new Deering space, we have been graciously welcomed by the awesome local business community. When you come visit our new location, you’ll have to check out some of our great neighbors like Ice It Bakery, where you can grab sweet treats for later, Honey Exchange for bee-utiful gifts and honey, and Jet Video for the movies and snacks you’ve been craving. We are also proud to join the local community of eateries, including popular dining spots like Quality Shop for great pizza, and The Treehouse who serves up fresh Mediterranean. We love our new neighbors, and we know you will too.

Come See for Yourself!
We’re not going to tell you TOO much about our beautiful new space, because you’re going to want to experience it for yourself, but you should know a few things. First, we put more than 8 months of work into perfecting this space and giving it the Elsmere ambiance that our customers have come to expect. Next, there will soon be a nice big outdoor patio space to enjoy your meal while people watching and breathing in that fresh, BBQ-scented Portland air. Also, the menu is the same. Why fix something that isn’t broken? We love our menu, you love our menu, and now you have two locations where you can enjoy it.

Some Things Never Change
Adding a new location might seem like a big change, and while it has been an effort, every minute of work has been worthwhile. Whether we have one location or 10, our commitment to serving delicious food to locals will never change. Above all, we are committed to community, quality, and service, and that commitment will never waver - you have our promise. We hope you’ll visit us at our newly opened Deering Center location to try something new or enjoy your usual order. We can’t wait to show you around our new space and serve you whatever you’re craving.