You love your Mom and you would do anything for her, right? Even if that’s exactly how you feel, when the National holiday to celebrate her sneaks up on you, you’re left guilty and giftless. It happens to so many of us, admittedly almost every year, and that doesn’t make us bad people! It doesn’t mean Mom isn’t important, it just means we are busy.

There. Now that we’ve gotten that disclaimer out of the way, let’s talk about the thoughtful things we CAN get for Mom, even with a limited amount of time. Great gifts don’t need to be planned a year in advance. They don’t need to cost hundreds of dollars, but they also don’t have to scream “I just bought this today!” Thankfully, the Elsmere BBQ Last Minute Mother’s Day Gift Guide is here to help you find something that your Mom will love!

Bouquets are OK, but this is BETTER.
Plants are very trendy. Whether you think your Mom would prefer a flowering plant with a hanger, a cool cactus, or an easy care option like a Snake Plant, your local greenhouse will have some great options. Bouquets are pretty, but once they have died in their vase, Mom is left with slimy stems and nothing to keep. A plant functions as a piece of home decor that works with any style, and while it takes a little bit of care, you know that Mom is up to the challenge. After all, she raised you. Why not swing by Broadway Gardens and check out their huge selection? Chat with one of the helpful plant and garden experts to help select the ideal foliage for the Mother(s) in your life. Want to take this gift to the next level? Buy a few perennials and tell Mom that you’d love to spend an afternoon planting a garden with her. She’ll be wowed by the gesture and treasure the opportunity to create something together. It’s a REALLY great gift.

Mom is a great cook, but she doesn’t always want to cook…
This one is simple. Good food makes a great gift. Mom already knows this because she has given you countless homemade meals through the years, and each one was a gift of her time and culinary expertise! Mom’s cooking ability should never be questioned, but she deserves a night off, and an Elsmere BBQ Gift Card is the perfect way to make it happen. No matter whether Mom is on a diet, gluten free, vegetarian, or a “picky eater” in some other way, she is sure to find something she loves on Elsmere BBQ’s huge menu. From fresh and flavorful salads to wood grilled meats, tacos, and everything in between, this menu was designed to please even the most particular palates. If you’d rather skip the gift card and take all the hot mamas in your life out for a meal together, then you’re in for a treat! Elsmere BBQ is serving up something extra special on Mother’s Day. We’re talking food and drink specials, on top of the already popular menu options you love.

HINT: She just wants to spend time with you!
A card is nice, and yes you should definitely get one; but when it comes to a gift, your Mother, Wife, Mother-in-law, Grandmother all just want to spend time with you. Luckily for you, this bodes well for your gift buying procrastination. After all, you don’t have to wrap an experience! Selecting an experience that you can enjoy together is easy when you live in a beautiful place like Portland, Maine, but here are some of our favorite options.

Make something together at Color Me Mine
This pottery painting studio is a way to flex your creative muscles in the pursuit of creating something you’ll actually use! Whether you go for something traditional like a mug, or something unique like a figurine, you and Mom can take your time glazing a piece of pottery and making memories together!

Take in a Portland Sea Dogs Game
Take her out to the ball game and support Portland’s baseball team! You’ll get the classic ball game experience at Hadlock Field, while enjoying some refreshment and cheering with the crowd. Wouldn’t this be a great opportunity to take a new favorite photo together? There’s no way you can strike out with this gift idea!

Enjoy a Spa Day at Sage Wellness
Every mother deserves self care services like a massage, pedicure, or facial. If you need this gift just as much, then this would be a great excuse to splurge on yourself while spending some time with Mom! Check out Sage Wellness on Forest Ave. in Portland. It’s the perfect place to get some quality time and wellness services with Mom.

No matter which last minute gift ideas you choose this Mother’s Day, you can’t go wrong with one of these great options! Mom would totally forgive you for waiting so long to pick something out, but if you’d rather keep that detail to yourself, then your secret is safe with us. Mum’s the word!

Happy Mother’s Day from Elsmere BBQ!