Maine is known as “Vacationland”, but for those who know the state’s climate, that motto excludes the cold, snowy winter season. With unpredictable precipitation and unimaginably low temperatures, Maine’s raw and messy winters can turn even seasoned locals into cocoa-sipping hermits. If you’re planning to visit Maine in the winter, then you’ll soon learn the true definition of the word “cold”, and find that sitting inside by the fire can get boring after a while. Locals know that the best way to get through a Maine winter is by finding enjoyable distractions that make us forget about the chilly weather for a little while. With a well-planned list of the activities and destinations that Maine locals love, you can get the most out of your winter adventure in Maine.

Sip Something Warm
The first step to enjoying winter like a local is fueling up with a hot beverage at one of Portland, Maine’s cozy coffee shops. To keep the Maine experience as traditional as possible, you’ll want to sip a drink that combines local ingredients and flavors. Try the maple latte made famous by Arabica, a cafe with two locations in Portland. Take it to go to keep your hands warm as you explore Portland’s snowy downtown.

Get Moving
An easy way to stay warm and have fun on a Maine winter day is by getting some exercise. For those who live in Portland, the Thompson’s Point Ice Rink is the perfect combination of low key exercise and traditional winter recreation. Complete with a warming hut, a bar with snacks, and ice skate rentals, this small outdoor rink has a lot to offer!

Find a Perfect Photo Op
Since you were brave enough to visit Maine in the winter, you owe it to yourself to show your friends. Luckily, despite the cold temperatures, Maine is beautiful in the winter. Drive to the coast and take a photo of the choppy gray Atlantic ocean and snowy rock ledges, or drive inland for hilly scenes with forests blanketed in white. If you have limited time, ask a local where to find the best views, and they’ll point you in the right direction.

Enjoy a Hot Meal
After a long day of adventuring in Maine’s winter weather, you’ll have a big appetite. Maine locals know that keeping warm burns calories, so hot and hearty meals are necessary as it gets dark and the temperature continues to drop. To eat like a Maine local, and find yourself seated next to them, visit Elsmere, the wood-fired BBQ restaurant that combines a cozy atmosphere with a large menu. If you’re in Maine to visit family, then you’ll be happy to find that Elsmere has something on the menu for everyone, as well as a full bar to keep you warm the old fashioned way.

Whether you’re staying in Maine for 2 weeks, or just a weekend, you’re sure to find ways to make memories and have fun. No matter which Maine winter activities you choose to try during your visit, you’ll find that no matter how cold the weather gets, Maine locals are always warm and welcoming. Come visit us at Elsmere, and we’ll serve you an unforgettable meal that just might turn your Maine winter trip into an annual tradition.