Just a few days ago, you could look at the calendar and relax in the knowledge that December was still in the single digits, but now the month is half over, and you still have holiday shopping to do. If that realization alone doesn’t make you cringe, just consider how many others woke up this morning with the same epiphany. Your favorite department stores are going to be as packed and emotionally-charged as a Taylor Swift concert, and your online orders present a Schrodinger’s mailbox situation. Before you start gutting your own closet for regifting options, take a moment to learn why one simple thing is the perfect gift for everyone on your list (even the difficult ones!) Here’s proof:

The Teen Who Hates Everything
The band they loved last year is now their least favorite, and they would never let you pick out their clothes, but every teen loves the same two things: food and independence. With the gift of an Elsmere gift card, you can give them both. It’s not just a free meal for them to eat, it’s an opportunity to leave their room, turn off the video games, and meet up with friends. Give them the option of a low-key weekend evening out, or a takeout movie night at home. Whether they love hearty burgers or fresh salads, every teen can find something they’ll love on our menu. It’s a win-win.

The Dad Who Has Everything
When he had his fly-fishing phase, you got him all the gear. Same with his car refurbishing project. Now he’s shaking his head at every mention of the holidays, and keeps telling you that he’s old and has everything he needs. Thankfully, the man’s gotta eat, and the gift of a night without cooking will bring you just as much joy. With an Elsmere gift card, he can cash in on a big meal all at once, or enjoy a few nights at the Elsmere bar with his buddies. No matter how he’ll spend it, he can’t complain about a gift that takes up no space in the garage and gives him an opportunity to order exactly what he wants for dinner (not that your cooking isn’t awesome- it totally is.)

The Mom Whose Diet Changes Weekly
Paleo, Keto, Vegetarian, Vegan, Pescetarian, Gluten-Free, FodMaps, and probably something else that you forgot. It seems like she is trying a different “it’s not a diet, it’s a lifestyle”, every week. Luckily, the Elsmere menu has plenty of options that will allow her to eat exactly what she wants, and avoid everything she doesn’t. It may be tiny and plastic, but an Elsmere gift card is packed full of delicious menu options that she can really sink her teeth into.

The Family Pet
Ok maybe not the pet, but the petsitter, your kid’s teacher, the mailman, your aunt, and everyone else on your list will absolutely love receiving an Elsmere gift card. It’s the gift that keeps on giving. With a deceptively small size that fits in a stocking or envelope, this little gift packs a big punch, giving them a gift that they can enjoy whenever and however they want to.

Whether you’re almost done with your holiday shopping, or just getting started, Elsmere is here to help. Our gift cards are ready to take the pressure out of gift giving, and if you share this blog with your family, you’ll probably get one too!

Happy Holidays from Elsmere