It’s nearly Halloween, and even though you’ve already planned the costumes, candy, and decorations, there’s one last scary detail that you might have forgotten: dinner! Halloween night can be busy, and if you have kids and expect trick-or-treaters, it’s hard to find a minute to sit down, let alone prepare a meal! Ordering take out from Elsmere’s huge menu will make Halloween night less terrifying with plenty of treats for every monster, ghoul, and witch in your home. Try one of these popular menu choices that even the pickiest Dracula will want to sink his teeth into.

For the Mummy
Every mummy knows that the best things come all wrapped up, and Elsmere’s Tornado Burrito is no exception. Filled with flavorful chopped brisket, pulled pork, and sausage with Texas Red BBQ, rice and beans, cheddar jack, and chipotle ranch, this hearty meal will bring anyone back to life.

For the Vampire
There’s no need for fake blood when your face is covered in the Spicy Korean or 1966 Fire Sauce that coats our famous Slow Smoked Chicken Wings! Even a vampire with a huge appetite will be satisfied with a full pound of these smoked and season wings. They’re so tender that there’s no need to use your fangs!

For the Mermaid
Life under the sea is a splash, but it’s so much easier to pick up Elsmere’s BBQ Oysters when you live on land. These locally sourced oysters are cooked on the wood grill until just opened, then served with a smoked lemon bourbon butter for a flavor that every mermaid will love.

For the Cowboy
Take a break from the wild West with a meal that brings the rodeo to your taste buds. Elsmere’s Burnt End Outlaw Nachos combine crispy tortilla chips with layers of melted cheddar jack cheese hearty chili, and sour cream. You might want to order extra, since your family is likely to lasso your leftovers.

For the Caveman
Getting primal is easy with Elsmere’s classic St. Louis style slow smoked ribs. Challenge yourself to a whole rack, and you’ll be dancing around the fire in no time. If you want to save room for Halloween candy, a half rack is all you need!

For the Witch
If anyone dared to get close enough to a witch’s cauldron, they’d see that she was making chili! Elsmere’s chili is just as magical and saves that time it takes to chant spells! We’ll top it with cheddar jack cheese and sour cream, then pack it up securely so it won’t spill on the broom-ride back to your house.

For the Fairy
Life in the forest can result in eating lots of bland plants, but Elsmere’s salads, Black Bean Burger, and Grilled Portobello Sandwich are much more magical. If you want to keep meat off your dinner menu, you’ll also find plenty of sides like Rice and Beans, Collard Greens, and Coleslaw to keep you full, but not too full to fly!

For the Ghost
The great thing about being a ghost is, of course, invisibility. You can eat anything you want (including things that your other family members ordered), and nobody will know where their food went! If you want to order your own meal, try the flatbread; it’s low-profile like you, and if you’re feeling like a friendly ghost, it’s easy to share.

No matter who is coming to your Halloween dinner table, your order from Elsmere will always be a treat - never a trick. Our extensive menu truly has something for everyone, with generous portions to share with even your spookiest family members. When you call and order take-out from Elsmere, we’ll handle everything - saving you the stress of cooking and washing dishes, so you can get back to making Halloween memories.

Have a safe and Happy Halloween from Elsmere!