Now that 2017 has finally come to an end (good riddance, am I right?), it’s time to put your best foot forward and set some good intentions for 2018! It’s easy to become overwhelmed by the country’s current events and most pressing topics, but your personal life, family, and career deserve just as much care and attention in the new year. Whether your New Year’s resolution was to start a new business, to celebrate the little things, to treat yourself, or to spend more time with family, Elsmere can help you follow through and get the most of the next 365 days with one simple suggestion: go out for dinner! We know, we know - you’re trying to save money and you’re very busy, but this easy resolution can actually help out in more ways than you’d ever imagine.

Brainstorm and BBQ
If you resolved to network, connect, or start a new business in the new year, then you’ll be happy to know that nothing fuels a brainstorm session better than a good meal and a few drinks. Let’s say you’ve found a connection on Linkedin who seems to share your goals and might be a great ally or even a potential business partner. Going out to dinner gives you a platform to get to know each other, share ideas, and come up with money making opportunities without the distractions and social discomfort of meeting at one of your homes. The new connection you’ve made over a delicious meal could yield valuable and lucrative projects that will far outweigh the cost of dinner.

Self Care and Salads
Most of us are guilty of depriving ourselves of things we enjoy for a variety of reasons. We’re busy, stressed, and the little things that make us happy tend to seem less important than taking care of others or focusing on work. If you resolved to treat yourself better in the New Year, then there’s no better way to get started than giving yourself a break from cooking and going out for dinner. If part of your self care resolution includes a new diet, then you’ll benefit from the wide variety of choices on the menu. At home and left to your own devices in 2017, you might have grabbed leftovers, but when you treat yourself to a night out, you can make the healthy choice of a meal that you really want. A night of self care can be enough to kickstart other healthy habits, and most importantly it will boost your mood, helping you become more productive in the other parts of your life!  

Family and Flatbreads
If you resolved to spend more time with your family in the New Year, you’re not alone. Winter tends to be the most stressful season for families of all sizes. Sometimes shaking up the dinner routine is what it takes to make the kids get along and see a smile on your spouse’s face. Going out to dinner might seem extravagant, but it can be done in a budget-friendly way! To save money, try ordering things that everyone can share, like nachos as an appetizer, followed by flatbreads that everyone can take pieces of. Everyone will fill up, and your wallet will stay full too. Without the distractions of being home, you’ll have a chance to catch up on what’s happening at school, at work, and maybe even talk about future plans and goals in between bites. Taking the family out to dinner can happen as a random surprise, or as a reward for good grades, to celebrate a promotion, or on a designated day of the month to give everyone something to look forward to. No matter how you do it, the resulting boost in family morale will be well worth it.

Celebrate and Save
If you’re like most people, you spent much of 2017 feeling a bit worried, uneasy, and sometimes even depressed. This year, you’ve vowed to celebrate the little things, but you’ve also resolved to keep a tight budget. While these intentions seem mutually exclusive, there’s a way to celebrate without breaking the bank in 2018. In the past when you’ve hosted a party, you’ve spent far too much on the food, decorations, favors, and drinks. With such a high price tag, traditional parties tend to lose their appeal, and understandably so. In 2018, try bringing your celebration to Elsmere, where everyone can choose (and pay for) their own meal, the lighting and decor is always party-ready, and we’ll take care of the dishes. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, an anniversary, or your occasion is “just because”, we’re the host with the most.

2017 is over, and now is the time to prioritize your resolutions! By treating yourself to a dinner out, you’re paving the way to bigger and better opportunities in the new year. Whether you’re taking the family out for a meal, brainstorming over burritos, or celebrating with friends, Elsmere will be here to help!

Happy New Year from Elsmere!