Even though we could decide to change our eating habits on any day of the year, New Year’s eve is the most common time for people to commit to a food-related lifestyle change. Maybe this is the year you have finally accepted your lactose intolerance and given up dairy, or maybe you plan to lose a few pounds by eating lower calorie meals. Maybe you’ve decided to leave meat off your plate once a week, or you’re going to go gluten-free.

No matter what you’ve chosen to change, you’re now faced with sticking to it. Now that we’re halfway through the first month of the year, it’s probably setting in that your plan isn’t as easy as you thought it would be, especially when it comes to going out to eat. Luckily, there’s a restaurant nearby that is ready and waiting to help you stick to your resolution.

Eating Light Never Tasted So Right
Weight loss is as much about self-control as it is about food choice, so it’s actually healthy to go out to eat at a place where you might normally order a heavier meal. No matter what you’ve ordered at Elsmere in the past, you’ll find something equally delicious that perfectly fits the parameters of your new eating habits. Since the broad menu has countless options, it can be fun to pair up a few sides with a salad, giving you a combination of flavors and keeping the meal interesting. Try ordering rice and beans, collard greens, and the Elsmere salad. You’ll be full, satisfied, and proud of your healthy choices!

No Meat? No Cheese? No Problem?
No matter your reason for leaving meat or cheese off your plate for the New Year, you can still expect to find something great to eat at Elsmere. More importantly, you’ll be able to order confidently without asking your server a million questions (unless you want to, we don’t mind!). Each menu item is labeled with a (v) if it can be prepared vegan. This includes countless menu options like tacos, burritos, salads, sides, or even our hearty black bean burger. If that seems like too many options, then you’ll just have to come back again soon!

Gluten Free and Easy
If you’re gluten-free, you probably get anxious about the thought of going out to eat. Beyond the stress of wondering if your meal contains gluten, you’re often left with few choices that excite your appetite. At Elsmere, we totally get it. In fact, we’ve made ordering easy by labeling our menu with a G where the menu item contains gluten. By avoiding these items you’ll have the freedom to order confidently while maintaining your health and your New Year’s commitment.

Whether you’ve opted for a dietary change in the New Year, or your only food-related promise is to go out more often, Elsmere is here to help. Our eclectic menu has something for everyone, no matter what.


Photo Credit: Douglas Merriam Food Photography